Gym, Tan, Oh My God Why: 'Jersey Shore' Is Coming Back

The cast is set to reunite for a new E! docuseries.

The year was 2009 when the world inexplicably revolved around a group of tanned to a crisp 20-somethings hellbent on doing the absolute most in a summer share on the Jersey Shore. 

In the years since, Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, Pauly D and the rest of the gang have gone on to do great things (DJ, tax evasion, an episode of “Supernatural”), but fans have been waiting for the day the cast GTL-ed together once again. 

The cast of that show is reportedly set to film an episode for the new E! docuseries titled “Reunion Road Trip” that will send your faves back to the shore, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reunion will be the first edition of the series that intends to bring casts from unscripted and scripted series back together for future episodes.

“Viewers will follow the lifelong friends as they come together to gossip about each other’s lives, what has been said about them in the press, the juiciest moments and stories we never saw behind the scenes, and most of all talk about the pop culture hit that has bonded them forever,” the report reads. 

The news comes following weeks of speculation about a reunion, as various “Jersey Shore” cast members shared group photos on social media. 

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In true “Jersey Shore” fashion they even reunited to promote Burger King’s new line of chicken parm sandwiches, because of course they did. 



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