Gyrating Animatronic Doll Is The Future ... Of Your Nightmares (VIDEO)

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind. Seriously, leave your friends behind when you check out this animatronic doll because she's horrifying.

That may be the point behind this creepy humanoid. She's an art installation by Jordan Wolfson, on display from March 6 to April 19 at the David Zwirner Art Gallery in New York City.

The unnamed doll can move her hips, legs, head and arms in creepy human fashion, and best worst of all, she can follow your gaze with her eyes using motion sensor technology. In the video above she can be seen, connected to the mirror in front of her by a metal pole. She dances and moves her entire body -- including her fingers -- and then looks directly at the camera.

Don't stare too long. She can see into your soul.

i09 found an old interview with Wolfson, who briefly described the piece:

"I don't want to tell you this work is about women," said artist Jordan Wolfson over the phone, "because I don't think that's true." Wolfson, a 33-year-old artist who works in video, performance, and sculpture, was on a lunch break at a special effects studio in Los Angeles where he was developing his latest work, an animatronic sculptural woman that will be on display at David Zwirner gallery, engaging with visitors one-on-one beginning March 6.

Despite his statement, the doll is the result of an attempt, "in a way," to explore the gaze, a concept with psychoanalytical roots that is most associated with the feminist notion of gender power imbalance that occurs in film, renaissance painting, and other media when viewers are asked to identify with the male perspective, and hence the objectification of women.