How To Hack A Turkey Roasting Rack

And save some money this Thanksgiving.

There is so much gear required to cook up a Thanksgiving Day feast that once you've gotten everything you need, there's hardly a budget left for the actual meal. Sure, once you've been doing it for a while you might be better prepared, but those of us who are new to cooking and hosting can often find ourselves in a bind. That's why this Thanksgiving needs hacks.

We found one from America's Test Kitchen that will save a great many home cooks come the big day: a makeshift roasting rack. Roasting racks might not be the most expensive gadget needed to make the meal happen, but every little bit helps. Plus, if you just happened to forget about picking one up until you were getting ready to put the bird in the oven, you're going to need this.

Watch the quick video and see how you can make a roasting rack with items found in your kitchen.

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