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Woman Hacks Her Fridge To Dispense Wine, Makes 2016 Great Again

A win for us all. 👏

It’s been a rough year. Let’s wine whine about it.

When British blogger Clare Potts recently moved into a new home, she found herself with both a new refrigerator and some wine that needed storing. One genius hack later, she tweeted what may be the greatest invention of 2016, if not ever:

Potts simply filled her fridge’s water cooler with wine and let it flow from the door dispenser as normal. Anyone with a similar system can do it, but Potts recommends washing the cooler to prevent clogging if you choose to fill it with water again afterward.

“We’ve only had the fridge for a few days so we haven’t felt the effects yet,” she told HuffPost. “I’m sure it will come in very useful over Christmas and New Years!”

Oh, what a fabulous holiday season it will be with this invention. Cheers!

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