Hackable Espresso Machine Is A Damn Hipster's Dream Come True (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Espresso Machine Couldn't Be More Hipster

So maybe this one of those things only a coffee snob would understand, but three Australian industrial design students (aptly named the Team Brews Brothers) are revolutionizing the way we make our morning brew -- and it's nothing short of amazing.

Picture this: An average-looking espresso machine, which features a perforated back that allows users to get inside the machine and customize the control center. By way of an app, they can save presets with specific pressure and temperature profiles that can be accessed remotely through and sent to the machine at home, as Core 77 explains. The app also acts as an espresso community hotspot, where aficionados can access other roasters' presets and discuss their machine modifications.

hackable coffee machine

Can't imagine the ingenuity? Well, take a look at the video above for details from the designers themselves.

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