Hacker Hymn

Hacker Hymn
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Mine eyes have seen the misery of the coming cyber wars
my heart had felt the sorrow of young lives yet to fall
my mind has been corrupted with the garbage cyber trolls
and the Drones come buzzing on

Rolly polly evil google boy
Rolly polly baby facebook toy
Rolly polly spy NSA boy
and the drones come buzzing on

the codes and the drones of the spying internet lords
have trumpled over fields of our software joys
face books google glasses NSA devices trolls
And their lies are marching on

rolly polly evil google toy
glory glory google deserter boy
rolly polly evil Facebook toy
and their lies are marching on

I have seen my boys become the soldiers of warlords
I have lost my cyber sons to patriotic trolls
I am the mother of the victims of the lies
who deserted the wicked spies

glory glory google deserter boy
glory glory Facebook deserter toy
glory glory NSA defector boy
and the truth comes marching on

I have seen the rising of the brave NSA spies
I have seen the rebellion for the freedom of their toys
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the
and the lies don't march no more

Glory glory hacker NSA boys
Glory glory hacker NSA girls
Glory glory free internet worlds
and the lies won't march no more