The 29 Most Disturbing Names People Have Given Their iPhones, iPads and iPods


Do you remember the first time you took your shiny new iPad out of its box? You turned it on, it asked you what you'd like to call it, and you assigned it a name. Most of us probably choose a vanilla ones like "Dino's iPad," right? Well, some gadget users get more creative when naming their new toys, and some get downright weird about it.

On Monday, the hacker activist group AntiSec published 1 million Apple UDIDs from what they said was a massive file of information on iPhones, iPads and iPods that had allegedly been gathered by the FBI. Besides wondering why exactly the government is collecting data on the Apple products citizens are using (the FBI insists that there's no proof these data came from inside the agency) or checking if your gadget's info has be released by hackers, we have to sit and marvel at some of the disturbing names people give their iGadgets.

Sure, the most common name in the list of 590,278 iPads, 345,722 iPhones, and 128,526 iPods turns out to be the fairly innocuous "iPhone," followed by equally bland names like "John's iPad" and "David's iPad." But more importantly, who's naming their expensive electronics "BooBooKittyF*ck" and "Pussymonster"?!

Here's our list of the 29 most disturbing names given to iDevices we could find in the list. Read through it and then weep for humanity.

A Bullet for Mister Whiskers
badest mutha f*cka
Boner Pad
Clit Commander
Cock Boy
Don't F*ck It Up
Gimpybutt's iPad
iPhone von dogshit
Jon-John's Pussy Magnet
Maggot Brain
My iPad Bitch!!
PiGKiLLeR’s iPad
Pimp Juice’s iPad
Pocket Pussy
That's A Very Big iPhone
that sexy mutha f*cka frank, this is his iPad.
the nipple
The Murder Wizard
The Pimp Ipizzle
VampireBella iPod

Here are a few more:
suicide 的 iPad
The Noisy Lobster
Voodoo Child's iPad
Zoltron's iPad
von Zombie's iPad
Polly the Vampire Saviour

Did we miss any of the weirdest names? (Of course we did, the list is 1 million items long.) Download the list yourself and let us know what you see in the comments.

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