Hackers Hit AT&T iPad Users

June 10, 2010 - Today's most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment:

AT&T Hacked: Hackers found a way into AT&T's network and grabbed over a hundred thousand email addresses and iPad ID's. While this particular security breach was fixed and no real harm was done, the incident brings the issue of network security into sharp focus. Should you be worried about this? No. But AT&T has some work to do.

Hulu Goes Multi-Platform: Hulu is gearing up for its debut on "multiple devices." Reuters is reporting that the Hulu is expected to launch on the iPad, as well as Xbox 360 very soon. How will the subscription service work? We're just going to have to wait and see.

Twitter Geek Alert: Twitter is about to launch its own, branded, link shortener. What is a link shortener? It takes long web addresses and shortens them to fit in a 140 character tweet. Goodbye bit.ly, so long tinyurl. Say hello to t.co. It's not catchy, but it's short!

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