Hacking TV: AT&T All In On OTT, BitTorent Resurgence

To honor our great political tradition, Saul and Steve disagree about everything this week:

1)    AT&T says it will introduce three over-the-top video bundles under the DirecTV brand. Steve says too little too late. Saul argues this will set in motion a rapid shift in the pay TV business as Comcast and other providers all launch nationwide Internet-only bundles.

2)    The BitTorrent world embraces streaming. Big deal, says Steve, as Saul yawns.

3)    A key test court case in which a YouTube creator challenged take down notices ... was settled just before it was sent to a jury... so the courts will not clarify the complex issue of fair use.

4)    A year ago Meerkat was the talk of SXSW with its live streaming app. Now the company is pivoting into a new business. Saul argues that this is a clear sign that live streaming is over-hyped. Steve says that live-streaming is so important that Twitter and Facebook have rushed in closing off the opportunity for startups like Meerkat.

Next week, Steve will report from Austin on what is getting buzz this year at SXSW.