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6 Hacks For Removing Deodorant From All Types Of Clothing

6 Hacks For Removing Deodorant From All Types Of Clothing

The struggle can get beyond real when -- just as you’re dashing out the door to go to work or running late to meet up with the ladies for a night out on the town -- you notice deodorant marks on your clothes. As we all know, not all deodorant sticks are created equal. Fortunately, there are a number of tried-and-true DIY hacks for removing those pesky white marks from your silk blouse or leather jacket that are not only quick, but budget-friendly too. Because let’s face it, the naughtiest deodorants like to go streaking.

We’ve partnered with Dove to round up the ultimate list of DIY remedies that will maintain the quality of a variety of fabrics. Keep them in your back pocket -- your mental one -- the next time you find yourself with unwanted white streaks.


What You’ll Need: Consider the following four items your new best friends: baby wipes, pantyhose, dryer sheets and dry cleaning hangers. In a pinch, these multi-purpose household essentials double as foolproof deodorant erasers and work flawlessly on all types of clothing. For the baby wipes, pantyhose and dryer sheets, simply rub over the area that needs to be treated until the streaks have pulled a Houdini. The foam from a dry cleaning hanger can be removed, folded in half and applied to streaks as well until they have disappeared. The moral of the story is to make sure you save those convenient hangers when your freshly pressed pants come back from the local dry cleaner.


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What You’ll Need: To have your blouse looking as silky and new as ever, grab a sponge and half cup of diluted ammonia and water. This fabric is a bit more time-consuming to care for, as you’ll need to let the solid stain soak in the concoction for approximately 30 minutes before washing it in hot water. But this hack really gets the job done, and you’ll be able to confidently waltz into your morning meetings stress-free and streak-free.

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What You’ll Need: De-staining your go-to denim as well as cotton and wool sweaters involves one trusty item, and we’re betting you have it around: a clean cotton sock -- emphasis on clean. For the best results, place the sock on your hand and continuously rub the deodorant marks in circular motions until they have vanished. Then, set out on your errands hassle-free.

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What You’ll Need: Two tablespoons of undiluted white vinegar applied with an old cloth will lift powder splotches from your polyester pants. Let the fabric absorb the vinegar for about 10 minutes and then run it through a warm wash followed by an air dry treatment.

Pro Tip: Jean Calleja of New York City’s Eco Laundry Company is a big believer in using white vinegar to treat deodorant streaks and stains. Calleja says, “Each stain and each type of fabric require different types of treatment, but products like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or even lemon juice can be extremely efficient if used cautiously. For machine washable items, it is best to soak the underarm area for 10 minutes in white vinegar or lemon juice before running it through the wash cycle. The acids will break down the minerals in the deodorant allowing them to wash away easier. You can also add a cup of either to the wash.” Don’t worry, he adds, the vinegar smell will dissipate in the rinse cycle.

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What You’ll Need: To keep your leather jacket looking slick and streak-free, use a cotton white sock in addition to a bowl of lukewarm water, gentle soap and a sponge. First, rub as much of the white smudges out with the sock as you can and then proceed to lightly dab your leather with a sponge full of the soapy water mixture. Finally, let your jacket dry and throw it over your shoulders for a chic touch-up to your look.


No matter how pinched you are for time, don’t try removing deodorant residue with paper towels, washcloths, or by attempting to iron the white marks away. While these may seem like quick-fixes at the time, ultimately they may only make the spots bigger and can ruin your clothes in the process (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

Preserve your wardrobe and stay confident with Dove Dry Spray. Its specially designed formula goes on instantly dry, with no visible residue on your skin for a cleaner feel. It leaves you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day and conquer the night.


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