Hadley Holliday Sets New Sights At Taylor De Cordoba

Hadley Holliday's works are heavy on the eyes, yet the borders and lines are crafted with youthful indulgence. While her new series at Taylor De Cordoba in LA is undeniably complex from a painter's point of view, the overall impression of the work is effortless -- as though the acrylic patterns were found in situ.

Hadley Holliday, Sun Vault, 2012 Acrylic on canvas 63" x 63"

Try to examine each circle in relation to the another and your head will start spinning. Not only do we get lost in the two-dimensional plane, Holliday's careful touch with blending colors causes us to fall in headfirst. It's a enveloping experience.

Mat Gleason called them "mind-blowing abstractions." Holliday subscribes to the grand tradition of abstract painting, where we can revel in pure shapes and colors, rather than try to hunt for a coded political message. In the fight between "content" and "form," sometimes we choose form. This is why.

"Warp and Weft" will be on display at Taylor De Cordoba until April 7th, 2012 so see it before it closes!

Hadley Holliday @ Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles