Haha! Gotcha Utah! ...But, What Next?

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declared he will continue to "defend traditional marriage" and went on to call Judge Shelby an "activist federal judge [who] is attempting to override the will of the people of Utah." I'd like to note that Judge Shelby's appointment was endorsed by both Republican Senators from Utah, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee.

There is also the 66% of 2004 voters who approved this ban in Utah. They must be furious! Hahaha-haha-ha-ha! Not to sound too maniacal, but this is great national news, albeit an action of judicial fiat rather than the will of the state's residents.

So why is the Gay community all up in a tizzy? Well, as anyone in the LGBT activist community will tell you, this is where the Star Chamber of the Mormon Church began their initiative against gay marriage (Prop 8 in California). The state where one ultra-liberal thing happens per year - when Hollywood invades Park City to show dirty movies... I mean independent films.

In any case, it's widely viewed that Utah isn't a beacon of progressive action.

Only yesterday I wrote about the prospects for approval of Gay Marriage in Arizona following the announcement that New Mexico's Supreme Court ruling that Gay Marriage is constitutional under state law, and then this happens. Arizona is now wedged between three states that allow same-sex or gay marriage.

As seen in a CBS/New York Times poll, coming in at 53%, there is a majority of Americas, age 18-44, who acknowledge that the LGBT community should be allowed to marry.

Even with the not-so-shocking Duck Dynasty revelation that there are still people in the hills and backwoods of America that believe the 'Gay lifestyle' is on the same level as bestiality, the LGBT movement carries on by educating even those who seem unmovable.

We've seen sweeping change before. For example, the Civil Rights act of 1964 was widely supported by the northern states with great opposition from the South. Even in 2013, some people, in particularly Phil Robertson, still hold a skewed view of African-American history and their struggles; so don't hold your breath on getting everyone on board.

The trajectory of the LGBT movement for equality is accelerating. Typically, this means the opposition will only get shriller and angrier believing that these hysterics will stop the train from running over their indignation and fanatic devotion to chosen verses of their dogma.

This is what the LGBT community must now stand ready for, an increase of noise. The number of those making noise will decrease, but it will bottleneck until the steam of rage dwindles into what's seen as mere idiocy.

Stand tall! Because one day, this moonshine being created through our distillery of a judicial system will be refined into a delightful cocktail of pure equality. Sooner than later, please, because this hooch is giving me a headache.

P.S. - Congratulations to Seth Anderson and Michael Ferguson on becoming the first same-sex couple legally married in Utah!