These Kickass Chefs Will Stun You With Their Mesmerizing Noodle-Making

Dancing and carbs? YES PLEASE.

These noodles pack an extra punch.

At Hai Di Lao HotPot, a hot pot restaurant chain based in China, staff members make hand-pulled noodles by dancing with the noodle dough, creating a dish that translates to “kung fu noodles.”

The unique performance has been ‘grammed quite a bit at the restaurant’s various locations. And that doesn’t surprise us.

Check out how the servers wave and whip the dough ― sometimes near a very speechless customer ― to make the noodle strand longer.

After the killer performance, they drop the noodles into a pot of boiling soup.

According to a Huffington Post translation of the restaurant’s website, the noodle performance was born during a competition the company hosted for its employees. Instead of staying stationary while he cooked ramen, one chef spiced up his routine with his own dance moves.

exactly how we stretch out our noodle dough at home too #haidilao

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The chef won the competition and also inspired Zhang Yong, the restaurant’s founder, to train the chain’s other noodle chefs to perform in a similar fashion.

These noodles aren’t the restaurant’s only Instagram-worthy service, either. Hai Di Lao also offers in-house nail painting and even bian lian, the traditional Sichuan Opera practice of “face changing” in which a performer switches masks in a fraction of a second.

变脸!!!#hotpot #海底捞

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Talk about dinner and a show!