Josh Brolin Handles The 'Loony Bin' That Is Hollywood In Inside Look At 'Hail, Caesar!'

The Coen brothers' new film opens Feb. 5.

Who says no good movies open in February? The Coen brothers have promised that won't be the case this year. Their latest, the Old Hollywood satire "Hail, Caesar!," hits theaters on Friday. The Huffington Post and its parent company, AOL, have an exclusive featurette about one of the lead characters, a fixer (Josh Brolin) tasked with locating an A-list actor (George Clooney) after he's kidnapped for a $100,000 ransom in the middle of shooting a "Ben Hur"-style epic.  

Brolin says his character deals with the "loony bin of the movie industry," so say no more: We'll see you at the movies this weekend, when "Hail, Caesar!" opens nationwide.

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