Hail Rose Marie: An Inside Look At The Riveting Doc, 'Wait For Your Laugh'

One of the year’s best documentaries revolves around a show business legend and reminds us of a time when the entertainment atmosphere was, well, less contentious. In a day and age when no week is immune to scandal, it’s refreshing to experience something as clear, entertaining and genuinely informative as “Wait For Your Laugh,” the story of Rose Marie, whom, we learn, boasts the longest career in entertainment.

The film by Jason Wise, Christina Wise and Jackson Myers was shot on 35mm with a bevy of 16mm film stock. Spirited behind-the-scenes color footage from Rose Marie's personal collection chronicles what went on backstage on 1960s hit, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” and a gaggle of other sets where the personality worked.

In my recent interview with Christina Wise, who served as writer and producer on the project, the former TV Guide reporter noted that Rose Marie worked in every facet of showbiz—from her early beginnings a child stage star to the iconic role of Sally Rogers on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” where, she played the only female writer on a television writing team.

But there’s so much more to this compelling outing and Wise, herself an inspiration, shares it all in my most recent episode of “Mystics in a Chat Room: Conversations With Agents of Change.” Take a peek (above).

Learn more about “Wait For Your Laugh” and when it opens in a theater near you here.

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