Hailey Baldwin Grabs Kendall Jenner's Leather-Clad Butt

Models' night out!

Thursday was a girls' night out for BFFs Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, who hit up Travis Scott's album release party at Up and Down in New York City. 

The pair, who recently got matching tattoos,  were spotted getting up close and personal as Baldwin playfully grabbed Jenner's leather-clad butt. 

Of course, this is the kind of relationship Jenner has with her friends.  If you recall a particularly goofy photo taken in Cannes earlier this year in which Jenner is planting a smooch on Balwin's cheek, you'll remember Josephine Skriver helped the "hand bra" make a rare public appearance when she put her hands on the 19-year-old model's bust. 


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