Hailey Glassman Says Jon Gosselin Told Paparazzi Where To Find Her On 'My Life Is A Lifetime Movie' (VIDEO)

Remember when Jon and Kate Gosselin -- of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- dominated the covers of every tabloid magazine across America? The latest episode of "My Life is A Lifetime Movie" sat down with Hailey Glassman, the college student who found herself just as scrutinized when she had an affair with Jon Gosselin back in 2009. The paparazzi followed the two like crazy, and painted Hailey as a party girl.

Gosselin painted himself as a victim, telling Glassmanhe didn’t know how the paparazzi kept finding them. But Glassman found out the truth when she heard him on the phone with one of them.

"The guy goes, 'Jon, the only reason I ever know where Hailey is is because you inform us,'" Glassman recalled. "He looked me in the eyes, I looked him in the eyes, and he said, 'Manipulating you was easier than a baby.'"

According to Glassman,he was setting her up and then making money off of the photos the paparazzi took of her. On top of that, he was cheating on her, too. So she broke it off with him.

Oddly enough, though, Jon's exes seemed to have gotten closer through their shared experience with him. According to E!, they're sharing recipes on Twitter.

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