Summer Hair Treatments For Men With Long Hair

What are all these hair treatments? And do you need them?

Here’s what happens when you have long hair in the summer:

Giant, fluffy, hairy heads, bouncing through the hills.

But your hair can be more than a frizz ball! If women have figured out how to make their hair look their best during the summer months, men can do it too. How? The answer’s pretty obvious ― use the same treatments she does.

Just because it’s summer outside doesn’t mean it has to be summer inside your hair.

Whether frizz is your problem or you’re just looking to keep things fresh, here are a few of the trending hair treatments out there right now:

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If your hair is damaged, faded or dull, you can ask for a glaze. It's a semi-permanent treatment that gives your hair a big dose of shine. You can ask for a colored tint or a clear glaze, and it's different than dying your hair a certain color (which embeds into the protein structure of your hair fiber) because a glaze coats the hair. Glazes, which are typically free of harsh ammonia or peroxide, will wash out in about 1 to 2 weeks.
Keratin Straightening
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If you've got frizzy curls and want to straighten them out, keratin straightening is a popular treatment option, because it lasts longer than straightening your hair with a flat iron alone. Keratin, a naturally occurring protein in the hair, is applied to the hair through a cream and then ironed on with a flat iron, resulting in straight, shining hair. It will last about 2 1/2 months, according to WebMD.
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If you tend to get split ends, some barbers offer fire treatments -- using a flame to burn off and seal the ends of your hair to prevent hair damage. Expert opinions vary on whether this is a good idea or not, but Franco Bompieri, one of Milan's last barbers to use this technique, claims that it prevents you from going bald.
Blow Dry Bars
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There are entire salons strictly devoted to blow drying your hair -- no cuts, just styling, for around $35 to $50 per session -- and the devoted customers who use it say it's worth every penny. Dry Bar is one of the bigger chains, but you can go to any blow dry bar and they'll set you up. Women tend to go for it ahead of a job interview or special occasion, or as a splurge to treat themselves.
Color Melting
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Ombré was a big trend in the early 2010s -- Lily Aldridge, Rachel Bilson, even (or unsurprisingly) Jared Leto made big splashes with the faded look. We were doing it in the HuffPost offices. It's a highlight that starts midway down your hair and gets lighter through the ends.

Today, ombré has evolved to a more optical-illusion-ish trend called color melting, which is meant to evoke natural fades in your highlights (whether you go from dark to light or even pink to purple).

Men in LA are getting the look too, according to Daniel Alfonso, a stylist and men's salon owner there. "Melting can still involve freestyle or foil techniques similar to ombré, but instead, blends the highlights with the base color to achieve a more blended and smooth transition with multiple hair colors," he told HuffPost.

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