The 5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

The 5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Kim Kimble's work as a celebrity hairstylist speak volumes, but we're particularly interested in her work with wigs and extensions. Having created elaborate hairpieces such as Halle Berry's head-turning 'dos in "B.A.P.S.," Beyoncé's look in "Austin Powers Goldmember" and most recently Oprah's 3.5 pound wig for the September issue of O, we had to get Kimble's tips on the best hair extensions and how to maintain them.

Seek professional help. "You definitely want to go to a stylist first when having them put into your hair. They will help to make sure that you have the right texture and color. Now we have so many options that it makes it easier for people to blend. It used to be the two-toned look where the [extensions] are dark and their hair is brown. Crazy, crazy stuff."

Get good quality hair extensions. "Ask for Remy [human hair extensions] and have it tailored for you. One of the things I hate to see is when people take the weave out of the pack and just put it in. You need to have it styled so that it looks natural, lived-in and authentic." Don't sleep on your night hair care regimen. "I think stylish hair and healthy hair should coexist. Sleeping with a silk bonnet or on a silk pillowcase at night helps to protect the hair from dryness, breakage and having to put heat on it every day. "

Loosen up a bit. "If weave is too tight, beware. You can get long-term damage or hair loss if not properly done or maintained. Don't put a chemical on it as this will cause hair to fall out more. I've seen hair fall clean straight off a person's head."

Give your natural hair a breather. "Treat it, condition it and baby it. I suggest people do hot oil treatments, whether it's with natural oils or their favorite product to keep hair from getting dry. Virgin coconut oil is great, too. You can put it on your hair, but I love to apply it all over my body. I even cook with it."

These stars sure could use these tips:

Naomi Campbell

Bad Extensions, Wigs & Weaves

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