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Hair in the Recession: Looking Good Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot of Money

Looking beautiful doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It only takes the time and desire to look your best. I am positive you'll find this is time well spent.
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You don't have to splurge to look like you spent a fortune at the salon. You can go to your local drugstore and look great for a fraction of the price. It just takes time, patience and a little bit of effort. Going to a salon to have your hair styled and colored, get expert makeup application, or get a manicure and pedicure is a great luxury. There are few indulgences that can compare to a day of beauty at a salon. A day like this will make you feel like a bonafide movie star going to the Academy Awards. The best part of going to a salon is that professionals are doing their best to make you look your most beautiful. They are trained to look at you and accent your best attributes while disguising your less attractive features. There are very few quick fixes that make you feel as good as a great day at the salon.

People often ask me if there is a difference between salon coloring products and those bought at their local drugstore or beauty supply. The answer is no. The at-home products are virtually the same as those used in the salon. I'm sure right about now you are wondering why the expenditure is so much more to have your hair professionally done if the products are the same -- and cost the same. The reason it costs more is not because of the price of the product. You are paying for the technician's skill, experience and aesthetic. It is also the ease and comfort of having someone else taking care of your hair color, keeping the color consistent and natural, and your hair in healthy condition.

Some hair styles do cost large sums of money, especially those involving hair extensions, which can run well over a thousand dollars. They do last for three to four months and can make ordinary hair spectacular. The best extensions are thin strands of hair and look and feel entirely natural on your head. If the extensions are too thick or placed wrong, the result can end up looking very wig-like. The choice of color is also important. They should be a melange of colors that blend with your natural hair color. There are also clip-on extensions available. These cost a fraction of the price and are usually synthetic. They must be clipped in every day. Clip-on extensions can look natural and pretty but are temporary and take much more effort to constantly reapply.

Many people think all makeup is the same. I disagree. The more expensive the makeup, the creamier the texture. The color palettes are usually significantly prettier, with a larger choice of colors. Another question I am always asked is which makeup items to splurge on. You can use less expensive makeup on your best features. If you have beautiful lips, you can use a less costly lipstick. Your lips are going to look exquisite anyway. If your skin is a problem, you should use a more expensive base. This will hide any defects or discoloration that your complexion might have without looking like you piled on the makeup. By the way, the two items of makeup that all woman should have and wear every day are mascara and lipstick. They take seconds to apply and will keep you looking pretty every minute of every day.

Looking beautiful doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It only takes the time and desire to look your best. I am positive you'll find this is time well spent.