Switching Your Hair Part Is The Easy, Free Way To Change Your Face (PHOTOS)

We're all creatures of habit. We get comfortable with the way things are, and rarely do we stray. This can apply to, of all things, our hair parts. Once we become familiar with seeing our hair parted one way, wearing it any other angle makes us feel like a different person -- or a least some bizarro version of ourself.

But the more we think about it, maybe it's a stealth way to attract attention to the more flattering side of your face. (According to Forbes and a begrudging Mariah Carey, it's the left.)

One thing's for sure: It's an instant trick for updating your look. Something I found out this week when I decided to part my hair on the side, a rarely-made shift from my everyday center part. And people at the office noticed, though no one could quite pinpoint the exact change at first. Naturally, an intellectually stimulating conversation ensued, and we decided to experiment with different hair parts to see how they affected our face shape. With Anya and Amber in on the challenge, this is what happened when we switched up our stand-by hair looks.

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Hair Part Challenge