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3 Ways To Get Great Hair While You Sleep (VIDEO)

We think "Sleeping Beauty" was on to something.

When I was a child, my mother would always preach about the importance of nighttime hair care. Armed with a satin bonnet, pink foam rollers and hair grease, she'd show me the steps to maintain my fresh-out-of-the-salon 'do through the school week. She still brags to this day how 10 minutes each evening saved her tons of time in the mornings (especially when making sure I made it to the bus stop), however, I'd be remiss not to give her credit for passing down her "sleeping beauty" routine.

While cranking out designs during Season 2 of "Project Runway All Stars," Althea Harper tapped her stylist friend Ryan Nickulas to show her how to get glamorous while catching Z's. He demonstrates in the video above how sponge rollers, rubber bands and a sock can be used to create three different curly hairstyles. By wrapping medium-sized sections of damp or dry hair around the rollers, you can achieve bouncy curls. Make a figure eight shape with your locks, then secure the center of your hair loop with a rubber band for a tighter ringlet. For a looser curl, make a sock bun by trimming off the end of the hosiery and rolling the ends of your pigtail into a donut. All that's left to do is hit the sack, wake up and shake out your curls for a long-lasting look, says Nickulas.

What do you think about these simple tricks to style your locks while sleeping? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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