This 'Medieval' Stylist Cuts Hair With Fire And Swords

"Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination."

A lot of women get burned by a bad haircut. But this stylist actually uses fire. 

Explaining that his methods are a "bit medieval," Madrid's Alberto Olmedo cuts hair with swords and fire.

A video posted by news outlet AJ+ is making the rounds with Olmedo plying his attention-grabbing craft.

"Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination to achieve positive results," he says. 

Several outlets stateside have written about the video, as have a few Spanish outlets

A spokeswoman for Olmedo told The Huffington Post "that we seek solutions to meet the demand of our customers" and that certain haircut results are "not possible with a single scissors."

Olmedo says the swords help him cut symmetrically. 

We get tressed out just thinking about it.

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