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5 Hacks For When Your Hair Tie Goes Missing

Sometimes, in the middle of a very tough, very strenuous day, you just need to get your hair out of your face. Like, ASAP. Since you never know when the urge to updo will strike, many women wear an elastic around their wrists in case of emergency.

But what if your go-to hair tie breaks? Or gets lost? Or if you simply don't like the look and feel of elastic on your most useful appendage? We've rounded up five hacks for you to get that hair out of the way, without succumbing to a destructive rubber band.


This simple, easy style interlocks, meaning it'll stay in place fairly well without a fastener. If you've got thick hair, opt for two braids instead of one. And remember: The tighter you braid, the better your strands will stay into place.


We know, we know, this look is totally '00s. But if you haven't got any better tools on you, you can give your dusty pens and pencils (Remember those? From when we used to hand-write things?) a new lease on life.

The Twist


It's not just a dance anymore. Twist your hair into one coil, and pull that in on itself to form a low knot at the nape of your neck. This style won't stay put forever -- but hey, that's your own fault for forgetting an elastic. Works well in a pinch.


Do your best sock-hopper impression! If you're really at a loss for hair tools, you can use that snapped hair elastic. Though any stringy thing you have lying around will do, really -- a shoelace, a twist-tie, a USB cable...

A scrunchie


Hey, if it's good enough for Cressy, it's good enough for us.

Don't let this happen to you:

Celebrity Bad Hair Days

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