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We’ve gathered some of our favorite hair hacks to inspire your home beauty routine. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, dyed hair or damaged hair, we threw in a little something for everyone. And yes, we even have a piece on facial hair upkeep for men looking to grow out their scruff. Give this list a glance and your hair will thank you later.


Try as we may, we can never quite get our hair to look as good at home as it does when we leave the salon. Enter Revlon, with a wild-looking contraption that might just hold the solution. Its new dryer, the Revlon Pro Collection 360 Surround Styler, looks like a normal hair dryer at first glance, but is actually a dual purpose tool, which, when put in “vertical 360 drying mode,” activates “targeted air jets that surround each hair section front and back,” according to a release.

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Your time is precious, isn’t it? All of us want to look and feel good, but really, how many minutes do you want to spend plucking, primping, powdering, shaving, curling and straightening before you get out the door? We have jobs to get to, friends and family to meet up with and lives to live. So we asked several experts in the beauty industry which parts of a beauty routine they’d prioritize if they only had five minutes. Their answers prove that beauty routines can be optimized so we feel like our most beautiful selves, without being a slave to the look.

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Enough with the summer wreaks havoc on curly hair talk! Now that the temps are getting hotter and hotter, it’s time that we take back control of our curls. If you’re unsure about joining our beat the heat hair movement, we’ve got some convincing advice from a fellow curly-haired gal to help you get through the warm weather months.

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Calling all bottle blondes. Whether you’ve just made the doubled-processed leap to platinum, or have been rocking blonde strands for a while now, there’s no doubt your lightened locks might need an extra kiss of moisture from time to time. Fortunately for you and your bleached strands, there are so many products out there to care for your platinum blonde look. But how do you cut through the clutter to find the best products for your hair?

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We all know the struggle. You leave the hair salon one day looking and feeling a million bucks. Then, only a few short days later, your hair is back to its usual dry/frizzy/oily/flat/unmanageable self, and by the time your next appointment rolls around it’s practically as if you’ve never set foot in a hairdresser’s your entire life. But before you give up hope and max out your credit card buying every expensive hair product known to man, hear us out. There are actually ways you can keep your hair nice and healthy between appointments ― without breaking the bank.

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Feeling like your hair and skin need some TLC but you’re still recovering from festive season expenses and can’t afford to splurge on a spa day or hair treatment? Fear not, because there is an inexhaustible array of DIY treatments that you can make from the comfort of your own home that are both pocket-friendly and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Here are some of my own favourites, which include my ultimate “go-tos” — avocado and yoghurt. Try them alone or call your girlfriends and enjoy some TLC downtime feeling fabulous and refreshed.

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Many of us will go to great lengths to keep our hair on point. But could some of your every-day habits ― like washing and styling ― actually be hurting you? Here, we separate follicular fact from fiction.

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We’re now washing our scalp and strands with cleansing conditioners. Unlike traditional shampoos, these conditioners contain little to no detergents and chemicals that often leave hair dry, brittle or damaged. Their super-conditioning formulas make them especially ideal for women with thick or curly hair to help maintain moisture. Thinking of giving cleansing conditioners a try? Here are 10 of our top picks

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Black men in sports, music and film — like James Harden, Drake and Idris Elba — have redefined beard style and given an underrepresented group of men the confidence to embrace their facial hair. The skincare needs and problems for black men with beards are unique, however, Hall says men have started taking beard maintenance and grooming more seriously. We asked Hall, a scientist and a board-certified dermatologist to explain the common grooming challenges and share their tips for growing and maintaining a beard.

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