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This 3-Year-Old Has The Cutest Hair Tutorial On Instagram

While scrolling through our Instagram feed this past weekend, we stumbled upon the cutest hair tutorial. Three-year-old Riley stars in the 15-second video clip below, where she explains how to get her faux hawk hairstyle. (We could barely keep barrettes in our hair at that age.)

The tiny trendsetter, who hails from Houston, Texas, breaks down her rockin' faux hawk in four simple steps:

1. Start with a twist-out.
2. Pin up both sides.
3. Pick your "woots," aka roots.
4. Laugh hysterically.

The final step is not only super adorable; it reminds us not to get frustrated with our hair and to always have fun it.

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Whether her curls are styled in an updo, adorned with bows or covered up in a turban, it's obvious that Riley loves her hair just the way it is. Her mother, photographer Christin Armstrong, told HuffPost Style, "She's always happy with the results. She always kisses herself and says she looks pretty."

Armstrong also revealed that Riley's hair loves Koils by Nature Hair and Body Butter, Carol's Daughter For Kids and just plain old shea butter/olive oil/coconut oil combo. (We love that combination, too!)

Some of their natural hair inspiration comes from Instagrammers such as @askproy, @chichiromeoandme, @heyfranhey and @africancreature. They especially identify with the women behind @mynaturalsistas. "Their tight coils look a lot like ours," said Armstrong.

But the most important lesson we learned from Riley's mom? Always tell your child how beautiful her hair is.

She explained, "The best advice I can give to other parents is to not compare your child's hair to anyone else's. Riley doesn't have loose, springy coils or waist-length tresses, but we'd love it all just the same! Teach them who they are early. Tell them that they're beautiful often. Not just when they're dressed up. Not just when they're hair is combed. Tell them always. Make it hard for anyone to convince them otherwise later."

We want to be like Riley Elle when we grow up:

Tiny Trendsetter: Riley Elle

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