Hairstylist Shares Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Celebrities In The ‘90s And ‘00s

From Gwen Stefani to Queen Bey.

With apps like Snapchat and Instagram, we basically get 24/7 access to all of our favorite celebrities. But long before stars were sharing daily selfies, people were actually taking their photos with real film.

One of those people was Jason Rail, a former celebrity hairstylist who recently unearthed his collection of polaroids from the 1990s and early 2000s. Rail spoke to Vice about his impressive picture collection, telling the outlet that he felt like a “babysitter” to the stars. 

“The thing that [people] don’t realize is that you’re almost like a psychiatrist or an emotional babysitter, because you are the last person the actor or actress sees before they go onto set,” Rail told Vice. “So if you’re complaining about rent and your boyfriends and your sick cat, you can bum people out and they can get annoyed.”

Can't we just be friends? @_mattleblanc At the playboy mansion for a little party @bartschland #pixbyjasonrail

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The hairdresser added, “People don’t realize that you’re kind of in charge of feeling people out. If it’s a comedy, everyone’s generally in a pretty good mood. But if it’s an independent film there’s always someone getting killed or fucked up.” 

Rail said he hopes to one day make his incredible collection of photos into a coffee table book. Considering his penchant for befriending actors and actresses, we bet he’d have some amazing stories to tell, as well. 

#clockwatchers @lisakudrow On set in Old Town Pasedena #pixbyjasonrail 1996

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@jessicaalba Never Been Kissed premiere '99. Who knew she would become a billionaire. #pixbyjasonrail

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#doomgeneration @rosemcgowan first day of filming #pixbyjasonrail

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#hoppening #christinaapplegate @bartschland Playboy Mansion PARTY🦄👑🍾 #pixbyjasonrail

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David and Courtney at the Never Been Kissed premiere. #pixbyjasonrail

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