Haiti Cholera Outbreak: How You Can Help

In Haiti, a country still reeling from January's devastating earthquake, the combination of a lack of infrastructure and overwhelming poverty have left the area ripe for disease.

These worries came to fruition when a deadly outbreak of cholera swept through rural Haiti over the weekend, killing over 250 people and leaving thousands sick.

Officials are reporting the epidemic may not be as terrible as previously anticipated, but it remains a crucial moment for aid workers rushing to save lives and keep the disease from spreading to Port-au-Prince's tent slums.

If the cholera outbreak were to reach the makeshift camps, where over 1 million homeless Haitians live, the outcome could be catastrophic. Thus far, government and nonprofit workers have managed to keep the disease from spreading beyond the Haitian countryside.

Relief organization Doctors Without Borders is on the ground in Haiti, treating cholera patients at St. Nicholas Hospital.

Donors can contribute online to support Doctors Without Borders' work bringing life-saving medical aid to Haitians with cholera.

Partners In Health is also helping Haitian cholera victims get access to medical care and clean water.

Supporters can donate online to help Partners In Health save lives and prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic.

Save the Children, an organization that has 800 workers in Haiti, is focusing on treating cholera among the most vulnerable Haitians -- the country's children.

Individuals can take action to help Haitian children by making an online donation or participating in other fundraising opportunities.

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