Haiti's 1.3 Million Displaced People -- In Their Own Words

Nine months after the catastrophic earthquake which killed 230,000 to 300,000 people and left 1.3 million homeless, most of the refugees continue to live under plastic tarps and tents in horrific and dangerous conditions in Haiti's 1,354 squalid refugee camps. [See the related blog for more details.] What's in store for the 1.3 million displaced people?

A new, Haiti-based grassroots "reconstruction watch" effort, a partnership between AlterPresse, Sosyete Animasyon Kominikasyon Sosyal, and two associations - REFRAKA and AMEKA - took on the last question for its first investigation.

A dozen interviews, scores of documents and many telephone calls later, Ayiti Kale Je/Haiti Grassroots Watch discovered there actually does seem to be a plan...


  • it is not readily accessible to the media or the Haitian public,
  • it is only very loosely coordinated,
  • it has not been openly approved by the Haitian government, nor is it overseen by any Haitian agency or ministry, making accountability difficult, if not impossible,
  • and it is likely impossible to turn into reality.

Watch these videos prepared by the Ayiti Kale Je/Haiti Grassroots Watch team to see and hear what Haitians have to say.

Video 1 - What is the plan? Where did it come from?

Video 2 - What is the solution? Who can pull it off?

Video 3 - A visit to the home of François Delouis

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