Halal Search Engine Launches

First Ever Halal Search Engine Launched

Religious Muslims across the world can now access the internet without searching through content that is considered haram — forbidden according to Islamic Law — through a new search engine, Dutch media company AZS Media Company announced today.

The search engine, ImHalal.com, will only get results that are considered safe or halal for the user.

ImHalal.com has been created to give religious Muslims, who previously avoided the internet for some of its explicit content, an avenue to search the web and continue their online activities responsibly, the press release said:

The site offers a broad range of functions that are developed specifically to increase the users search experience. Besides focusing to be a great Islamic search engine, ImHalal.com also aims to deliver the best search product as well.

The Jerusalem Post quoted the founder Reza Sardeha saying that he got the idea for the website after he and his friends kept getting explicit content when they would use regular search engines like Yahoo! and Google:

"First of all, we have blocked all sexually explicit content. We are also in talks with Imams [Muslim scholars] to determine what might be considered haram and therefore be blocked."

The searing filter is static but is made up of three different layers which serve to give the user as good an engine as possible

Sardeha also plans on adding Islamic widgets for prayer time or a quote from the Koran into the search engine, the Jerusalem Post reported.

To visit the site, click here.

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