Half A Million People Have Watched These Kids Learn Their Mom Is Pregnant

"Are you kidding me?" 13-year-old Alexis said through tears.

Grab the tissues ― the pregnancy announcement these parents made to their kids is emotional.

On July 27, Alicia and Anthony Capello surprised their children, 13-year-old Alexis and 5-year-old Nicholas, with some amazing news: they were soon going to have another sibling.

The New Hampshire couple decided to tell the kids after Alexis had returned from a two-week trip to visit family. When she got back, her parents gave her and Nicholas gift bags that included baby-themed treats like Baby Bottle Pops as well as shirts made by Se7entees. Alexis’ read, “Biggest 2003,” and Nicholas’ read, “Middlest 2012.” There was also a onesie that read, “Littlest 2018.”

It took a few seconds for the message to hit, but when it did, the kids had the sweetest reactions. Alexis immediately had tears running down her face, while Nicholas gave out a simple, “Yay!”

Alicia told HuffPost she and her partner weren’t that surprised at their kids’ reactions.

“We knew our daughter would be emotional,” she said. “Both of our kids are very sensitive, loving children. We just weren’t sure at what point she would realize what was happening! We also thought our son would be happy because he often says he would love a little baby brother or sister, and he is great with his cousins.”

Nicholas has already chimed in with some concerns he has for his mom and dad.

“Our son is hilarious,” Alicia told HuffPost. “He has already commented on having three kids and full-time jobs. We have assured him we can handle it.”

The 5-year-old also suggested the name “Six Pack” for his new sibling,” which was “quickly overruled,” Alicia joked. The expecting mom did say, though, that her kids’ opinions about the baby’s name will influence the final decision.

Alicia posted the video of the announcement on her YouTube channel. The sweet moment was also shared on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where it has been viewed more than 580,000 times as of Friday.

“Parenting is HARD,” Alicia wrote in the video caption on Love What Matters. “It is long nights, fevers and skinned knees. It is sewing dance costumes at 11 PM, math problems you don’t understand and tears … so many tears. It is by far the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to do it all over again. We are so blessed.”

Alicia echoed those thoughts when she told HuffPost the family is “so excited” to meet the newest addition, who is due in February.

“We are thankful we have fun, loving kids to share this journey with,” she said.