Independent Bookstore Chain Half Price Books Builds A Bookstore In 77 Seconds (VIDEO)

While book stores all over the country continue to shut down at an alarming rate, one of our favorite independent book stores, Half Price Books, is opening their 113th store today in San Antonio, Texas. The family owned chain has been building book stores across the country since 1972 and they show no sign of stopping, as they already have plans to open two new stores by early next year. Kathy Doyle Thomas, executive vice president of Half Price Books, was quoted in the press release as saying, “While the book industry has changed greatly in the past few years with negative impact to traditional bookstores, we have been able to continue our growth in our brick and mortar stores.”

She goes on to say that “because we buy from the public, our stores offer an attractive option for people needing extra cash, and we’re able to provide cheaper forms of entertainment during a tough economy.” The independent chain will be providing just that during their grand opening which, according to the press release, will feature “Share the Magic of Reading!," a Harry Potter themed story-time event for younger readers, as well as exciting give-aways all weekend long. In honor of the opening, Half Price Books made this fun "How to Build a Bookstore" video to show just how their most recent store came together.