'Half-Ton Killer?' Covers Story Of Mayra Rosales, Who Said She Killed Her Nephew By Falling On Him (VIDEO)

The shocking story of Mayra Rosales and the 2008 death of her young nephew were spotlighted on TLC's "Half-Ton Killer?" Rosales told authorities that she had killed her nephew accidentally by falling on him. It was her own attorney, Sergio Valdez, who realized that this story was nearly impossible.

"At 1,000 lbs. she could no longer use the bathroom," Valdez said. He realized that Rosales weighed too much to have accidentally killed the boy as she described. There was no way she could have gotten up again after falling on the boy. Her husband took care of virtually all of her day-to-day needs as she was nearly immobile.

Finally, the truth came out that Mayra Rosales was providing a cover story for someone else. Her sister Jamie had beaten her son to death, and Mayra was willing to take the fall for her. Jamie is now serving a 15-year sentence in prison.

Meanwhile, the spotlight of the case may well have saved Mayra's life. A doctor who visited her shortly after the murder found that she had pneumonia and could have died within a week. In the interim, Mayra has lost 400 pounds.

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