Half Of Women Are Dependent On Makeup, Study Says

The Beauty Products Half Of Women Can't Go Without

Do you always put on at least a little concealer and lip gloss before leaving the house? You're not alone, especially if you do it because you feel like you need it.

A new study by the Harris poll, conducted on behalf of the Renfrew Center Foundation which researches eating disorders, shows that 44% of women feel unattractive without any makeup on.

The study also found that one-quarter of women started wearing makeup at age 13 or younger.

If you've been swiping on the mascara since you were a pre-teen, we can see why it might be hard to feel totally confident without it. But going easy on the eyeliner might, weirdly enough, have positive effects on your career: A previous study in the UK revealed that one out of three bosses believe women sometimes wear too much makeup to work.

We can't speak for all women, but we recently started going totally makeup-free on the weekends, and we're loving it. And even stars like Julianne Hough, Marion Cotillard and Bar Refaeli all stepping out without face paint.

Perhaps we'd all do well to embrace our natural faces and not think of makeup as something we "need" to face the outside world.

But maybe you already do! Tell us in the comments, and click over to UPI to read more findings from the survey.

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