Halftime Show Reactions: Beyonce, Destiny's Child Inspire Awesome Tweets From Women During The Super Bowl

After weeks of speculation, a fake-out from Michelle Williams, and Beyonce playing coy at her NFL press conference last week, the question that's been on all of our minds was answered: Destiny's Child reunited during the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, making all our late-90s dreams come true. And Beyonce proved that the Super Bowl truly was #BeyonceBowl.

Some highlights from the show included:
--The massive light-up silhouette of Bey that set off her performance of "Crazy In Love."
--Hip rolls. (Enough said.)
--Technology used to create about 10 Beyonces. Because you can never have too many.
--Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland appearing like magic out of the stage.
--So much girl power. Thanks, Bey, for celebrating "Independent Women" and "Single Ladies" in hit songs that spread those ideas far and wide.
--Beyonce's many "Halo"-related hair flips.

Although we feel that there wasn't enough Destiny's Child -- where was "Bills, Bills, Bills"? "Bug a Boo"? -- Beyonce's halftime extravaganza set off quite a stir on Twitter. People couldn't stop commenting on Bey's moves, holograms and the on-stage lady love. (Even Michelle Obama commented on Beyonce's awesomeness.) We've rounded up the best reactions from women:

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