Hall Of Fame Class Of 2013: Should Voters Enshrine Steroid Era In Cooperstown? (VIDEO)

The Baseball Writers Association Of America has chosen to just say "no" to the Steroid Era when it comes time to vote for the Hall of Fame. At least one prominent baseball writer think it's time for the members of the organization to change their minds.

With Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa making their first appearances on the ballot, Buster Olney of ESPN The Magazine recently wrote a piece called "Just Say Yes." As voting continues and the argument over PED-tainted players heats up, Olney joined the discussion on Huff Post Live to make the unpopular case for sending this mighty but mistrusted generation to Cooperstown.

"I'm in a very small minority of of writers who are going to vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens just as I've always voted for Mark McGwire," Olney said. "My own feeling is I think the writers have lost their minds on this issue. It's our job to reflect history with our votes and not to try and dictate legacy. And it's pretty clear that the writers are the bottleneck in this because as far as Major League Baseball is concerned, Roger Clemens is a member of good standing and so is Barry Bonds."

Olney went on to say that he is "stunned" at the writers' strong stance against these players even though they knew that the league failed to deal with how prevalent drug use was. Do you agree with Olney? Should alleged PED users be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? If not, how can that era be represented?