Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry Secretly Married?

Halle Berry called French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry her beau from 2005 to 2010, but were the pair more than just boyfriend and girlfriend?

According to a recent report from Extra, the ex-couple may have been secretly married. Aubry referred to Berry as his "ex-wife" in court papers he filed Monday in order to obtain a restraining order against her current fiancé, French actor Olivier Martinez.

News of their possible secret marriage comes days after Aubry and Martinez's Thanksgiving Day brawl. Aubry was arrested on battery charges Thursday after getting into a fight with Martinez outside Berry's Hollywood hills home. Aubry was dropping off Nahla -- his 4-year-old daughter with Berry -- when the incident occurred.

Following the altercation, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Aubry that forces him to stay 100 yards away from Berry, their daughter and her fiancé. Martinez maintains that Aubry started the fight, but Aubry reportedly insists that it was actually Martinez who threw the first punch.

Earlier in November, a judge denied Berry's request to permanently move Nahla to France to live with her and Martinez.

But Nahla is hardly the first celebrity kid to get caught in the cross-fire of her parents' messy split. Click through the slides below to see eight other celebrity kids who got wrapped up in their parents' divorce drama.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated that Gabriel Aubry is French. He is Canadian, from Quebec.

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