Halle Berry Backs Paparazzi Bill To Limit Photos Of Celebrity Kids

The bill, authored by Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), is an amendment to a law passed in 1994. This bill would redefine harassment as “actual or attempted recording of the child’s image or voice” without a legal guardian’s consent. The bill would also increase jail time and fines in $10,000 increments per offense for violators. De Leon hopes that this bill will also protect the children of prominent politicians and other public officials, according to spokesman Greg Hayes.

Halle Berry, who has one daughter, Nahla Aubry, and another child on the way, had a contentious run-in with photographers in April when arriving to LAX with her family. The evening ended in a scuffle between the paparazzi and Berry’s fiancé, Olivier Martinez. Berry also filed criminal charges against photographers in May when photographers snapped photos of her daughter on her private property.



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