Halle Berry Buries James Corden In Epic Disses During Rap Battle

"I have an Oscar, so suck my monster balls."

TBS has apparently spun off the rap battle segment from “The Late Late Show with James Corden” into its own show, but honestly we’re not even mad because it allowed Halle Berry to wipe the floor with the late-night host. 

The two faced off in the “Drop the Mic” premiere this week and nothing was off limits, including Corden’s infamous photo with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, as well as Berry’s failed marriages. 

Corden thought he had the upper hand at first, slamming some of the actress’ less-than-reputable IMDb credits.

“Tonight the main event has me up against a legend and I admit Halle Berry is well-known in her profession, but let’s not pretend that ‘Catwoman’ didn’t suck,” he rapped. “Halle, that was a ‘Batman’ movie. How’d you mess that up?”

“When it comes to getting married, three divorces is enough. Forget signing autographs. Sign a prenup,” he continued. “You’ve done so many ‘X-Men’ movies, maybe a dozen. I heard ‘X-Men’ and I thought it was about your husbands.”

But nothing came close to what Berry had in store, as she proceeded to mercilessly drag Corden on a show he executive produces. 

“James has a Tony, that’s cool and all. But I have an Oscar, so suck my monster balls,” she rapped.

“Fat jokes are too easy, I try to be nicer. But who held your pizza when you kissed Sean Spicer? You apologized, so I know you learned your lesson,” the actress added. “Too bad you couldn’t give a hand job to Jeff Sessions.”

We’ll let you guess who won. 



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