Hallmark Channel Upcoming Holiday Lineup

"Love's Many, Many Flavors"

The heiress to the Burt's Bees empire finds herself trapped in an elevator with her father's assistant. Despite their flagrant differences, they find their attraction to each other growing after discovering they share the same favorite Mrs. Meyers liquid hand-soap scent ("Iowa Pine") and agree to pursue their unequivocal chemistry once freed from their now convenient mechanical failure. However, problems arise when her father and his boss begins to suspect their budding romance.

"Mommy Doesn't Know Best, In Fact She Doesn't Know At All"

A mother and her son become estranged after he pops his collar during Thanksgiving dinner. After years of not speaking, she befriends her son's fiancé at a mutual friend's annual potluck, unknowing she is engaged to her son, and agrees to help her new friend plan her wedding. After discovering whom the groom is, the mother and son are forced to address their deeply rooted issues and work together to restore the bond stronger than the sweaters tied around their necks.

"A Convenient Inconvenience"

A bestselling romance novelist returns to her hometown after a death in the family and decides to stop into CVS one night to purchase toiletries and some lightly salted veggie chips. While waiting for her card-chip to be read at checkout, she bonds with the 21-year-old cashier, who, as she learns, is an aspiring author. After reading her new young friend's manuscript, she decides to make the promising writer her protégé and agrees to take her under her wing. After she takes her card out and is printed a receipt, they both walk out that CVS for the last time.

"Cul-De-Sac Courtship"

After his trampoline-park business gets bought out for luxury condominiums, a single dad and his teen-age daughter move into a new neighborhood to start anew and meet their neighbor, who's a recently divorced mom who also has a teen-age daughter. After asking to borrow her panini press, the father finds himself attracted to his neighbor, but hesitates to pursue the connection fearing complicating things. Unbeknownst to them, their daughters befriend each other and scheme to bring their parents together by signing them up for the same adult evening computer class at the local community college.

"It's a Christmas Miracle"

In a world inundated with online dating and ambiguous dating jargon, a Brooklyn comedy writer meets someone to bring home for the holidays and is met with a resounding chorus of "FINALLY!" from his family. After a few days with the family, his new beau decides he's in it for the long-run, even after meeting his mother.