Hallmark Introduces Pro-Gay Mother's Day Card

Hallmark Makes Amazing Pro-Gay Move

Hallmark has expanded its greeting card line to offer an option for families who may have more than one mother to honor this upcoming holiday.

The company announced this week that they would be releasing Mother's Day card options specific to families with same-sex parents. According to NBC News, one card reads “Moms are second to none" on the front, with the interior stating, “How does anyone ever get by with just one?” A spokeswomen for Hallmark also confirmed that two different card options will be offered for families with same-sex parents, with one reading "for two moms" and the other "for my partner."

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The move follows Hallmark's decision to sell similar Valentine's Day cards specific to same-sex couples earlier this year, in addition to options for same-sex weddings and anniversaries.

Hallmark landed itself in hot water last holiday season for changing the lyrics of "Deck the Halls," tweaking the word "gay" to "fun" on its "Holiday Sweater" Christmas ornament.

The company later apologized for the decision, claiming that they they never intended to "offend or make political statements with our products."

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