Hallmark Hall of Fame's In My Dreams Strikes a Romantic Chord

Hallmark Hall of Fame's latest offering In My Dreams may be premiering on Easter Sunday night but the content of the film is worthy of a Valentine's Day schedule. This is HHoF's most romantic offering in years and it presents the beautiful Katherine McPhee with one of the best roles of her short acting career. She and co-star Mike Vogel bring a boatload of chemistry to this fantastical story of true love meant to be.

Both Nick (Vogel) and Natalie (McPhee) are at a crossroads in their lives. He is an amazingly talented architect who is laboring for a firm that doesn't appreciate him. He also is coming out of a bad relationship that left him emotionally scarred. It is time for him to make some crucial decisions about his professional and social lives.

Natalie is trying to maintain the success of the Italian restaurant founded by her now deceased mother. She wants to continue honoring her mother but she needs to make the restaurant reflect her skills and tastes. Plus she needs to let some romance into her life.

Strangely enough Nick and Natalie are at a certain park fountain at the same time one day. They don't notice each other but toss coins into the fountain at the same time. Then they go on their separate ways. That night however they both dream the same dream and in it they are meeting each other. Could they be destined to be together or are they destined to always be apart?

Vogel and McPhee create wonderfully romantic characters who come alive most fully in their dreams. McPhee is impressive with her acting skills which is a surprise since in most of her prior outings she has used her singing voice to impress. This time it is just Katherine and believe me that is enough.

There are also delightful supporting characters. JoBeth Williams plays Nick's playfully dominating mother. She wants to see her son happy with the right girl and she will go to any lengths to achieve that goal. Then there is Joe Massingill as Joe, Nick's co-worker who basks in Nick's glow. Finally there is Jessica Wanlim as Sharma, Natalie's best friend and co-worker. She is pushing Natalie to take some risks and find Mr. Right.

All of the actors seem determined to make this romantic story a success and they do. Hallmark Hall of Fame has had some glorious hits in the past but lately not too many. This movie strikes just the right tone of romantic entertainment. It is semi-lightweight fare for HHof but it is a story that entertains.

If you are in the mood for romance then settle down with that someone special and watch this movie about finding the right person. It strikes all the right notes from beginning to end.

Hallmark Hall of Fame's In My Dreams airs on ABC, Sunday, April 20 at 9PM.