Halloween 2011: The Creepiest Vintage Costumes Ever! (PHOTOS)

Chances are your Halloween costume fits into one of four categories: topical, sexy, funny or scary. Or some bizarre combination of all four. Courtney Stodden, anyone?

If you're going to go the scary route, however, you better know what you're doing. The mask from "Scream" or a little fake blood doesn't really do the trick anymore. If you truly want to terrify people, you ought to take inspiration from Halloweens' past. Whether they intended to or not, vintage Halloween costumes make for the most grim, scariest looking photos of a holiday we've ever seen. There's no escaping how eerie these costumes from the past look -- even the ones that are supposed to be cute!

We added to our slideshow from last year to bring you even more creepy vintage costumes to entertain (and frighten) you. Vote for the scariest one!

The Creepiest Vintage Halloween Costumes