Halloween At The White House: Costumes, Candy & Puppies! (PHOTOS)

Who knew Al and Tipper Gore were so into costumes?

Halloween at the White House is a decades-old tradition, one that gets even the stuffiest presidents doling out candy and donning masks in the iconic front driveway.

This year, unfortunately, there will be no trick-or-treating at the White House: President Obama has cancelled the White House's Halloween celebrations due to Hurricane Sandy, meaning his promise of giant Hershey bars to any trick-or-treaters from Ohio is probably not happening.

BUT! Let's keep up the holiday spirit, why don't we? In honor of Halloween today, we're taking a look back at White House Halloweens of years past. Spoiler alert: there are puppies in costumes, Kennedy children in the Oval Office and Al and Tipper Gore in a series of super intense get-ups.

Halloween At The White House

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