Fewer Babies Born On Halloween Than On Other Days, Study Shows

Do Women Avoid Giving Birth On Halloween?

On Halloween night, there are ghosts on every corner, pumpkins on every stoop and of course an endless amount of candy. But one thing there is a shortage of on Halloween? Babies.

A new study from the Yale School of Public Health says that the number of spontaneous births on Halloween is 5% lower than on other days of the year.

"Researchers hypothesized that women may hold off or speed up when they go into labor in order to avoid giving birth on holidays with negative connotations, such as Halloween, and aim for giving birth on 'positive' holidays, such as Valentine's Day," ABC News reports.

In the span of ten years (1996-2006) researchers calculated that on Valentine's Day, there is a 3.6% increase in spontaneous births -- births outside of a pregnant women's control -- and a 12.1% increase in Caesarean Sections. On Halloween, however, there's a 5.3% decrease in spontaneous births and a 16.9% decrease in Caesarean births.

Not everyone avoids giving birth on Halloween, though. Some celebrity's moms who were laboring while the world was trick-or-treating include: Dan Rather, Jon Candy, Peter Jackson, Vanilla Ice and Willow Smith.

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