Happy Halloween: 10 Books That Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

The horror section at most bookstores is a study in distressing sameness: 80 books by V C Andrews's undead copyrighted name, the six or so real horror books Clive Barker wrote way back when, romance novels with a thin skein of horror, 300 Stephen King novels, 275 Dean Koontz novels and a gaggle of zombie and vampire themed anthologies. Throw in a Lovecraft, a Poe and Signet paperbacks of "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" and you're all set.

I believe in breaking the bonds of intellectual tyranny. To wit: a list of 10 volumes of horror guaranteed not to include sparkly vampires, phonetic Maine accents, sexy 20-something paranormal detectives in love triangles/quadrangles with bad boy vampires/werewolves/mermen/tribbles and whatever the hell happens in Dean Koontz novels these days.