Halloween Candy Containing Animal Products: A List For Vegans To Avoid

Are There Animal Products In Your Candy?

Candy is probably the last place you would expect to find animal products, right? Turns out, our favorite sweets aren't always animal-friendly.

Delving further into the ingredients list of some well-known sweets reveals them as the gelatinous goodies they really are.

According to the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America, gelatin is defined as "product obtained from partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from natural sources such as skin, connective tissue, and bones of animals."

The site says gelatin is "widely used in confections because it foams, gels, or solidifies into a piece that dissolves slowly or melts in the mouth."

PETA offers some vegan alternatives on their website, including agar agar, which is derived from seaweed.

PETAKids also offers a list of vegan sweets that can be consumed on Halloween. The site warns to avoid ingredients such as lard, and suggest alternative ingredients such as vegetable oil.

Another scary and buggy additive to know about is carmine, which is made from the cochineal beetle and generally used as a red food dye, according to LiveScience.

Check out some of the sweet treats that different groups suggest you avoid this Halloween if you're looking to celebrate in vegan style:

Gummi Bears

Meat In Candy


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