Treat Yourself With This Halloween Candy Wine Pairing Chart

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me a nice, full-bodied red wine please."

As an adult, the prospect of leaving the house on Halloween can be kind of scary.

If you aren't on trick-or-treat duty, you might be inclined to turn off all the lights, put on some sweatpants, play "Hocus Pocus" on repeat and curl up with a perfectly balanced meal: the candy you bought "for trick-or-treaters" and a nice glass bottle of wine.

But what if you've been pairing your sweets with the wrong varietal of vino? The horror!

Vivino, a wine-lover's dream app that provides information about wines when users scan a bottle's label, is here to help. Titled the "The Halloween Survival Guide For Adults," the app's second annual wine and candy pairing chart tells you exactly which red or white you should be drinking with your candy of choice.

Reese's, for example, pairs well with both light and bold reds, while Skittles fair best with a dry or sweet white.


CEO and founder Heini Zachariassen told The Huffington Post the chart is simply an extension of the app's mission.

"Our candy and wine match maker is a fun way for our users to learn and talk about wine in a way that feels relatable and fun. Besides, Halloween is scary enough, we don't think picking a wine needs to be," he said.

Of course, this knowledge can be used far after Halloween has come and gone if, let's say, you wait to buy the candy until it all goes on sale Nov. 1. Not that we're judging.

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