The Best Wines To Pair With Your Halloween Candy, In One Chart

If you're celebrating at home this year, THIS is how to do it.

Everything is better with a glass of wine, including your Halloween candy haul.

Wine review site Vivino released its Halloween candy wine pairing chart, which recommends the right varieties to pair with your treats to bring out their yummiest flavors.

Fruity candies like Twizzlers tend to go well with lighter wines like rosé, which has a sweetness to match their intensity. Meanwhile, Vivino suggests pairing dark, rich Reese’s with gamay, a jammy red wine. The list also includes lesser known wines like tokaji (a good match for Snickers) and moscato d’Asti (a sparkling white that pairs especially well with pink Starburst). See below for the scary-good lineup, and learn more about each wine at Vivino.

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