Halloween, Chicago Style: 8 Costumes Inspired By Locals (PHOTOS)

Halloween is just a few days you have your costume?

We at HuffPost Chicago like the idea of cheap, do-it-yourself costumes that stand out. We also like the idea of dressing up as a quirky former/current Chicago politician.

These are the Chicago-centric Halloween costume ideas we came up with, please feel free to add more! Also, a few tips: Village Discount Outlet has sweet Halloween deals (like 50 percent off everything in the store), Hollywood Mirror and Ragstock are great places to go for wigs, cool vintage clothes and costumes. If you're stumped, sometimes just browsing the goods will give you a few ideas.

Last but not least, we want to see your costumes! Send your pics to and we will add them to our Halloween weekend slideshow.


Chicago-Style Halloween Costumes

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